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SLgcal is a library that allows the desktop application that uses it to export to a Google account its personal data in the contacts and its events (deadlines) in one of the Google calendars.

Google account authentication is invoked by SLgcal securely via the OAUTH2 protocol of the Google API.

The user who owns the gmail account must grant consent to SLgcal for the following areas:

- to be able to identify the recipient calendar chosen by the user among all the calendars present in that gmail account

- to be able to write the events in the recipient calendar and to identify the previously exported events to update or delete them

- to be able to write contacts and to identify the contacts previously exported to update or delete them

SLgcal does not take data from the Google account to import it into applications.

Download the privacy policy

Within the Evoluzioni SL application, the SLgcal application can be called up from the Utilities / Synchronize data with mobile device menu.

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